Vitamins and Supplements for Wellness

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  • On 22/05/2018

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The aim of every person is to maintain his or her health and to live a healthy living. This can be achieved by eating a balanced diet and this balanced diet ensures that there is a provision of multivitamin and mineral supplements into the body and thus mostly vitamins are formed from minerals we take and these minerals are normally formed naturally in the soil and thus are obtained from the soil. Vitamins are again naturally formed in plants and several plants have several kinds of vitamins and thus there is no any type of food which can possess all kinds of vitamins and for one to absorb several kinds of vitamins he or she should take several kinds of foods. Vitamins are of two groups where we have fat soluble and water soluble and this classification is based on how the vitamins are absorbed in the bodies. Water-soluble vitamins are those vitamins which are directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal lumen and the water-soluble vitamins are those vitamins which are absorbed with dietary fat and are directly transported to the liver first before entering into the bloodstream. The fat-soluble vitamins enter the bloodstream through the lymphatic system only. Check to learn more.

Vitamins from América Vitaminas are very important in our bodies for they perform several functions in the body. For instance, they help in hormone production as well as regulation and here they ensure that hormones are well produced in the body and also ensure that the produced hormones are regulated well to ensure that no deficiency of hormones.  Vitamins also help in cellular functions where they ensure that cells in the body function well. Different vitamins have different functions in the body and thus should always be available in the body for their deficiency or lack in the body can cause some illnesses in the body and can even cause death. In the body, fat-soluble vitamins are less as compared to water-soluble vitamins for these minerals are numerous in the body and are heat sensitive and thus can be destroyed through cooking and thus to improve the presence of these vitamins in the body one should eat raw foods or fortified ones. These water-soluble minerals include vitamin C and several types of vitamin B. Vitamin C is a well-known vitamin and is readily available for it can be found in several fruits like citrus fruits, berries and also are available in brassica vegetables. Read this article about vitamins: